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Welcome to Glenwiki

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This [WWW]wiki (which now has 193 pages)is intended to be a community generated repository of information that's useful to members of the community. It is NOT intended to be a website ABOUT the community for outsiders. It is more akin to a local yellow pages or the bulletin board by your phone where you have all those yellow stickies with critical info than a brochure introducing the neighborhood to the world. It's not the right medium for rants and such.

What sort of content belongs here?

Answers to questions you can imagine being posed to our neighborhood email list. For example,

It's not OK to use the wiki for self promotion, bickering, advertising, misdirection, announcing current events (except on the Events Board page).

It is OK to understand that these rules are negotiable and subject to discussion by everyone/anyone who contributes.

Courtesy and Etiquette

A wiki is basically an unmoderated, communally produced information resource. It becomes more and more useful the more people who contribute content and edit, correct, supplement, and otherwise tweak existing content. It becomes less and less useful when people decide to use it to promote private interests, wage opinion wars, and otherwise treat it like a soapbox.

With these in mind, a few humble suggestions:

  1. Always use your real name (or an identifiable short version thereof) as your sign-in name. Changes are recorded with the name of the user who made the changes along with her or his explanation of why the change was made. There's really no place in the kind of material meant to be stored here for anonymity or stealth. See [wikispot]Importance of Using Your Real Name

  2. A useful guiding principle: if you wouldn't want people to know you'd made an addition or an edit, then you probably shouldn't make it.

  3. If the content of a page is basically a record of people's impressions or opinions (for example, reviews of a restaurant) which might reasonably vary from one person to the next, you should add your opinion or experience rather than editing and correcting the ones that have already been posted.

This is a Wiki Spot wiki. Wiki Spot is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps communities collaborate via wikis.